My babbles have been overwhelmingly about Cole (Cole & Football) these last months.  It’s not that I don’t love my other kids, or I don’t see them every day, nor is it because they don’t have stuff too. It’s because Football is just that much of a time suck.  I cannot tell you how happy I am that it is over.  However.

Soccer, also known as Fußball, is apparently year round. I cheered too soon.  As I type Dave & Dane are in the car (affectionately nicknamed Daisy) on their way to Dane’s first . By the way, this does not mean “Indoor Berserk Rounds”.  I had to google that myself after giggling like a goose at the email.  It means District rounds, or tournament.  Oh.  I prefer berserk. Because. A bunch of 7-8-9 year olds running around playing indoor soccer is pretty berserk, loud, wild, crazy!

I actually first discovered Fußball is year-round in September when Coach Wolle (which means “wool” but is short for Wolfgang & also frequently cracks me up) emailed all us Kickereltern with the proposed winter Fußball schedule.  Dude had a tournament scheduled every freaking weekend through February!

We rebelled. Even for the soccer-crazed Germans that was insane.  I’m still confused how Wolle managed to find that many indoor soccer tournaments, within driving distance, in our little neck of the Schwarzwald.  All our villages are small.  The Schwarzwald is huge (according to Wiki it is 6,009 km²), but most villages are small & nestled in the hills kilometers apart.

So now we have one, maybe two, monthly indoor soccer tournaments all winter.  This is doable, and it makes Dane incredibly happy.  In fact, he’s so happy today he begged to pose for a picture before running out the door.  It was only after posing, after I snapped & approved the shot, that he gave me a mischievious little grin & asked if I captured his loose tooth poking almost straight out.

He knows those loose teeth poking in every direction are driving me crazy.   I love my little toothless wonder!