Custom Collection Sunday

It’s time for Custom Collection Sundays.  Yay!  We’ve got a fabulous  new release and a new request has been chosen.  Ready?  Let’s dig in!

What is a Custom Collection Sundays? It is a chance for each of you to request a Custom Collection from one of our Designers. Every week one person wins their request.

On September 28 Rebecca won her request for a realistic Scottish collection by Vero – The French Touch:

This is a second request… I’d love a realistic Scottish collection, something that looks like a visit, and nothing bright or cutesy. I was thinking of soft colors, deep earthy ones and gentle lighter ones. Maybe weathered earth textures, stone, scenic papers, and textile textures like a subtle woven plaid, tweeds, heathered aran knits with cables… I thought elements could include things Celtic/Scottish, definitely including heather and thistle. It seems like it would need several pieces of metal; fixtures, jewelry, weapons… Oh, and tea and scones, maybe?

from: Rebecca Galla

This week we have Beyond The Kilt:

You will save 50% compared to the regular price :

You will save 55% compared to the regular price :

Let’s glance at the detailed content. It contains elements shown above, plus :

This fabulous collection is no just for the Scott lovers in us, though who isn’t a lover of all things Scottish?  This is a collection that works with so many of our photo’s & memories.  It is simply stunning. REBECCA, check your email for your FREE copy of this gorgeous collection today! Jamie has also graciously given me a 10% additional coupon off both the Beyond the Kilt [Page Kit] and the Beyond the Kilt [Collection + Free with Purchase] . for the rest of our faithful readers. Use coupon code: BEYOND
Note: Coupon expires December 31, 2014.

This week I am back to picking a new Custom Collections Sunday winner! I very much appreciated the slightly less specific requests.  It is easier to get those completed than once with complex, specific elements. Continue to ask me something fun! Ask me something in your favorite color! Or favorite colors! Request flowers, winter or love, and let’s see who I can make happy next. And go ahead & try with something a little more specific. I know there were some great ideas out there that can be fulfilled! Give it another go?

Some of my favorite requests this week:

What a beautiful kit!
I would like to put in a new request. I’m thinking ahead a few months to Valentine’s Day, that special time between lovers. So, my request is a sweet but passionate kind of kit with pinks and reds and purples.
Thank you,


I love Japanese art forms and I would love to see a kit based on some these such as Embroidery, Kimono patterns, and porcelain ware. I would like to have the kit include some prints of the more modern Ukiyo-e paintings, particularly those by Hiroshige and Hokusai. Elements such as beautiful chopsticks, lacquerware pieces and such would be lovely as well, as would the traditional cherry blossoms, Buddahs and dragons. The kit could be done in the traditional Japanese colors. Here’s a link for more info on those (there are many other resources too :) ).

from: Elaina

I’d like to see a black/grey/white kit with just one accent color (various shades of that color) – glamorous with a touch of silver glitter. I see this as being formal/traditional rather than quirky and fun.

from: Robyn

Sadly, I can only pick one winner. Our winner this week is: Gloria!

I would like to see a kit which could be used for vintage memories, heretige, etc. There are not very many with colors which catch your attention and not just brown and tan. I would like to see something with parchment, teal and burgundy – vintage but pleasing to the eye.

from: Gloria

Gloria, Patty, PattyB Scraps, is already hard at work on your request!
Very important note: I will post a new winner every week, however, please do not expect your Custom Collection to be ready within a week.  Scrapbooking Collections take time, and that time varies by Designer.  Some of our team are full-time designers, others are part-time. Some are new mommies with littles at home, and others are Grandmothers.  Some of us are both.

I cannot wait to see the requests this week, please post away your biggest wishes in the comments below. Comments are open to everyone. New comments, and repeat comments are welcome. I will post a new winner next week, along with a new release & a sneak peek!