I love quotes. I love seeing quotes turned into word art graphics. But sometimes the positioning of the words in the graphic don’t suit my layout.  Have you ever found yourself in the same situation?  Let’s take a look at how easy this is to fix!

Here  is a  layout with the word art graphic “Naughty or Nice.”  I don’t think the straight line of the graphic complements this layout.


Here’s the fix:

1.  Using  your favorite selection tool, select the word you would like to move. I am going to select the word “or” first.

2. Click on the Move Tool in the Toolbox on the left, then click on the selected word on your document (which will have “marching ants” around the word showing it is selected), and move it into the desired position.


3. Continue in this manner until you have moved all the words into the position that best suits your layout.

HINT: If you are not certain where you want the words and would like to move them around separately until you are satisfied, follow this method:

1.  Make your word selection.

2.  Hit Control + J to duplicate the word.  This will put the duplicated word on its own layer, so you will be able to move that word, and that word only.

3. Go back to the original word art graphic and erase the duplicated word (since you now have that word on its own layer), or use a mask to hide it.

4. Once you have all of the words on their own layer, you can move them around until you are happy with your new word arrangement.

Here is my final decision. I think the word arrangement fits this  layout much better now.


Credits: The paper, borders, and word art graphics used in this layout are from my new collection, Deck the Halls, which was released today. The lower border in this layout is included in Deck the Halls Clusters.

You can view this tutorial on SnickerdoodleDesigns YouTube Channel  and on theStudio’s YouTube Channel.


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