I think the constant presence of my camera has made my kids photo hogs.  Yesterday, out of the blue, Dane begged:

“Mom! You need to take a picture of my new teeth for your newsletter!”

Who am I to argue?  He is so proud of his new grown-up teeth.  He is brushing better than ever, and loves to show them off to everyone.

So far his new teeth are doing well.  The bottom one was coming in a little crooked & he kept trying to push it into place with his tongue.  He was succeeding, but he was also succeeding in making a permanent tooth loose!

Thankfully the dentist caught that.  She also caught that Dane’s baby molar is cracking (My Sugar Hound). Today, probably as you are reading your newsletter with a delicious, warm, cup of coffee, Dane is getting his crown on.  His silver crown.  The crown that does not match the rest of his teeth.

Please cross your fingers & toes with me that after today he will still happily pose for the camera and smile wide & big. Silver crown included. I so love his smile.