I found a new feature on my camera yesterday!  It automatically makes an animated gif for me. Kind of a little mini-movie.  So now, of course, I have to see if it works in the newsletter.  You all get to be test bunnys!

Late Thursday night, our guests for July arrived, on the hottest day of the year.  A day so hot there were plane cancellations in Amsterdam (delay), train cancellations in Frankfurt (delay), and that meant not getting to my house till a good 24 hours after leaving their home on the West coast.

We stopped on the way home for some delicious, amazing, Turkish döner kebab (a Turkish dish consisting of spiced lamb cooked on a spit and served in slices).  Then we tucked them right into bed, closed the zombie blinds and they slept, out-cold for almost 12 hours!  Zombie blinds rock.

But the truly fabulous thing about our guests, what makes the world such an amazing place, our guests are the Studio’s customers.  Mika & I first met over email in my first month of owning the Studio (back when we were still called Stone Accents Studio).  She had a problem with her account and it took me several hours of sweating, panicking, reading manuals, and random clicking to fix it.  But fix it I did, and she’s slowly grown from a customer, into a friend.

It helps we are both military, have lots of kids, and have lots in common (Hello!? Scrapbooking!).  And then, one day, it turns out she was coming my way, and I said “Come! Visit me!” and she said: “Okay!”

She is here now, and the visit so far is all I imagined and more.  Her kids are absolutely fantastic, they’ve blended right in with mine.  Our husbands (Dave & David) hit it off and we are, almost, enjoying the hottest days ever!

Yesterday I took all the kids to the pool, while the other grown-ups went to pick up the rental car.  The kids had a blast! German pools have less rules than American pools and jumping of the diving platforms, the highest one is 10 meters! No one jumped off of that LOL, was a scary but amazing treat.  But the most fun was had on the slides, especially by the three youngest: