I’ve recently picked up a few new Photoshop shortcuts related to typography so I figured that I’d share them. If you spend a lot of time in the program, you probably have seen most of these, but hopefully there’s a new one in here for you. I know I

Source: Seven Typography Shortcuts for Photoshop | Viget

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When I saw this article – I was excited! I learned a couple of new tricks for making my journaling just right! Some (but not all) of the tricks mentioned work in Elements too! My favorite? Double clicking on the layer to make the text active! Sometimes, I struggle to get the right text block selected when I’m trying to edit a layout!

Give a few of these a try today! Maybe start with one of these fabulous templates that have roon for journaling – so you don’t spend all your time making the page – and instead, take time to learn a new trick! Are any of these tips new to you?