Earlier this week, In a land far, far away…,  I bemoaned missing my Dad’s 72nd birthday.  It’s a trend this week! Today I’m bemoaning missing Soren’s 25th birthday. 25! A quarter of a century. And I missed it.  Though… I didn’t miss it 100%.

My phone starting beeping nice & early (Thank God he’s in California still!).  He’d taken the gang out for one last fishing trip, and he was reeling them in like there was no tomorrow (that’s Conrad’s angry jealous face in the top right photo).  Even the boat captain was impress with how many, and the sheer size of the fish Soren reeled in.

Of course I would much rather have been there. I love boats, ocean, fishing, fish! But I was almost there thanks to the marvels of technology.  All I needed was tast-o-vision later that day when they beer-battered & fried up a big batch of the catch.

Since Soren’s 17th birthday he’s been fishing on his birthday, out in the deep blue sea, and I’ve been beer-battering & frying fish.  I say “I’, but really, I haven’t done it for years.  I so would if I could, and I’m thrilled technology allows me to still be there. And I love that, even though he knows how blind-folded, he still asks:

“How many tablespoons of garlic?”