I’ve been shopping our CU 3-2-1 Sale today, and the “3-2-1” phrase is sticking in my head like a jingle.  I am hoping that if I use it in the title of this  post, my brain will release it; and I can think about something else.  Whether that’s true or not, I do have 3 handy tips for you today:

1. Our scrapbook layouts can contain a few layers, or many layers. Sometimes we might want to bring a layout up in Photoshop to look at something quickly. It’s much faster to open a flattened version of a PSD, than the layered PSD itself.  There’s an easy way to do that:  File > Open.  Locate the PSD you want to open. Click on it once to select it.  Hold down Shift + Alt, then click Open. Photoshop will ask you: “Read the composite data instead?”  Click OK. The flattened version of the PSD will be opened, saving you time!

This works in Photoshop Elements too. (Tested in PSE 14).


2. Do you ever have trouble with Photoshop running out of memory?  There is nothing more frustrating than attempting to save a document you have spent a lot of time on, only to receive an error message informing you that Photoshop can’t save your file because there is not enough available memory.  Next time that happens to you, purge your Photoshop Memory, and see if that helps.  To do so is easy.  Go to Edit > Purge, then choose the items you want to purge.  Choosing All will allow you to recover the most memory.

This works in Photoshop Elements too. Tested in PSE 14, the path is: Edit > Clear. Then make your choice about what you would like to purge/clear.


3. When we want to create a text box on a document, we select the Type Tool, then click-and-drag on our document, drawing out the text box size we would like to have.  To create a specific sized box using this method, can be difficult.  If you would like to set the exact dimensions of your text box, here’s an easy way to do it:  Press and Hold the Alt key and click on your document.  A dialog box will open.  Type in the exact width and height of your desired text box.  Click OK.

 This works in Photoshop Elements too. Tested in PSE 14.


That’s it! 3 tips 2 make, not just 1 layout, but all of your scrapping go more quickly!

Product Credit: The layout picture above was created by Cathy, a member of my creative team, using Trimming the Tree, released just today!

If you would like to keep this tutorial on your computer for easy reference, you may download a PDF here: 3 Ways 2 Help 1 Layout Go Smoothly

And when you have a chance,  pop over to our Commercial Use store and check out our current 3-2-1 Sale!  This is a fabulous time to pick up quality Commercial Use products for just $2/pack.  You don’t have to be a designer to use Commercial-Use products. They are great for the Personal Use scrapper too!


 Thank you for coming by today!