There was one day this week where everyone went to school, everyone went to work, everyone was mostly healthy.  That very day, the only perfect day, became even more perfect with a simple phone call:

“I have extra Star Wars tickets. Are you interested?”  Poor Steve.  I’m not sure his hearing has recovered yet.  Was I interested?  Of course! Completely. 100%. Soooooooo interested. I grabbed my Star Wars Yoda Santa Hat, waited outside of Dane’s school for 15 more minutes than I needed to, then barely kept to the speed limit on the autobahn to Stuttgart. Star. Wars.  Wooooooooooooohoooooooooooooo!

I got to post early.  The kids weren’t ready yet, Dave was still at the office, and I was buzzing with excitement. Almost as much as Dane. And what does a person already buzzing with excitement do? They go grab a coffee. Of course. More caffeine is what every over-excited person needs.

In my over-buzzed, over-excited state I completely missed the amazing paper snowflakes the coffee guy had created.  Thankfully he noticed my Yoda ears and pointed them out to me:

“Look what I made!” Dude was as excited as me for the Star Wars movie. I squealed! He had the best snowflakes EVER. He had Star Wars snowflakes. Incredibly cool, fantabulous Star Wars snowflakes. I stood there and drooled.  Observant guy that he is, he noticed that too.

“Would you like the template?” Poor guy. I’m not sure his hearing has recovered yet. Would I like the template? Of course! Completely. 100%.

The templates look like this, this is Yoda, my now-2nd favorite Star Wars character. BB8 has stolen my heart.

At the bottom of each template was a link to the website where you can download your very own paper Star Wars Snowflake Templates. The Designer is Anthony Herrera and he has different sets going back several years.  More importantly, he has brandnew ones for Star Wars: The Force Awakens including BB8! They are a little tricky to cut-out. Dane is still struggling with a Darth Vader one, for the 10th time.  Mostly I have Dave do them, he is the Master of all things sharp & knife-like, including exacto blades.





Even with coffee, group exodus to the German movie theater (and groups move slow!) we still got to the movie too early.  Plenty of time for me & Dane to take a quick selfie while we wait. And that’s it. That’s all she wrote. I will not spoil the movie for my fellow Star Wars fans, but I will say we had a fantabulous afternoon!