I don’t think there are any people out there who don’t at least KNOW what Pinterest is, and most of us are probably using it in one way or another. For the longest time, I was mindlessly scrolling through the new pins or popular pins and mindlessly clicking the re-pin button over and over. “Oh, this is cute!” Re-Pin. “This looks good.” Re-Pin. “That could be fun.” Re-Pin. Eventually, I had hundreds of pins, and despite putting them on themed boards, I wasn’t using them for anything. So really, what was the point?

Now, I still don’t use much of what I pin – most of it is filed away for ‘someday’ or just because I like it. But, some of it I do use and I have created my own little system for making sure I am using things, and not just using them but remembering that I have!


We’re new recipe people. I try and mix in at least one new recipe a week – so you can imagine one of my major uses of Pinterest! When I find a new recipe, I pin it to my “Food to Try” board. These are recipes that sound or look good, that we haven’t tried ourselves but may want to. After I use a recipe, I go back and move it to my “Food Tried and Loved or Hated” board. Yep, I keep the pins of foods we didn’t like (so, we don’t make the mistake of trying them again)! I try and leave a comment letting myself know what I liked or not about it, or any changes I might make when we have it again! After we’ve enjoyed it more than once, I write the recipe down and add it to my recipe book. (So, if you’re looking for a good recipe, check out my Tried board – and view the comments on most to see what we really thought!) NS_Pinterest2

I do the same thing for other things, I have a Projects completed board – and after I use a fun idea that i had pinned, I move it to my completed board – and sometimes leave notes about it. It’s nice to see what I’ve done – and leaves just the things I might want to try on my other inspiration boards! When I am planning birthday parties or showers of various kinds, I create a board just for the theme I am working with, it keeps all of my ideas together in one place – and makes it easy for me to look back and see what kinds of parties I’ve hosted! Like our Kindergarten Olympics, a Lego Party and even a Minecraft Party.


Ok, I know, so far none of this has been related to scrapbooking AT ALL but hang on! These concepts can easily be translated to using Pinterest for scrapping! Maybe you love to pin layouts to scrap lift! Create a new board to move the layouts to after you’ve used it for inspiration! Maybe you have a wishlist on Pinterest? Move your products to a board of kits you own after you’ve purchased them! Pin products as you buy them to have a board of all the kits or collections you own easily viewed wherever you are! I guess the biggest thing I’ve learned from my ‘mistakes’ using Pinterest is that you CAN move pins. Use this to your advantage and let Pinterest help you stay organized 🙂

Do you have any little tricks for actually using the things you pin?