While the site was down my hours sky-rocketed, and it snowed.  It finally really, truly, snowed. The kind of snow that sticks. The kind of snow that makes big piles, white trees and calls your name. Loudly.  Or maybe that was Dane?

“Mom! It snowed!”
“Mom! Can we sled?””Moooooooooooooooom!”

Regardless of workload, when snow calls, when your baby calls, sometimes you need to put down the computer, layer-up and go out to play. I believe very strongly in putting family first and enjoying life.

I’m usually the second one racing down the hill on one of our sleds (Dane, of course, is the first).  This year I’ve yet to do a run.  Not because I suddenly hate sledding, but because hours spent behind the computer gave me a stiff back & hips. No worries! I was sad for maybe five minutes, and then dragged out my camera and indulged my second favorite hobby.  There is nothing like fresh air, a camera, snow, kids, laughter, sledding, to wipe work stress away.

The sledding hill in my village is my favorite spot, in a village full of amazing spots. I cannot thank God, and my amazing hubby, enough for all the years we’ve gotten to live in Germany. In the Black Forest! There is not a day that goes by that I don’t  marvel at my good fortune and the sheer beauty that surrounds me.

It’s taken me awhile to settle in the new village, it takes Germans awhile to open up, it takes me awhile to open up. But now? I walk through the cow fields to the top of the sledding hill and I am greeted by half the village. Hands fly up in greeting as soon as I’m near enough to be recognized, “Hallo’s” are shouted when I’m close enough to be hear, and firm handshakes are given when I’m close enough to touch.

Here, when they ask how I am, people listen quietly when I speak.  There is something so cathartic and rejuvenating to stand on a snowy hill, with a listening ear besides me, and just let go of the stress.

It’s sunny today, and warm. The snow is rapidly melting and I’m sad there will be no more sledding in the coming days.  Still, as I look out my window and see the green trees at the edge of the forest, I can’t be that sad. It is still incredibly beautiful and I’m still incredibly lucky to live here.