Hello everyone,

Can you believe it?  The biggest hurdles have been leapt, our store is now spread across two physical servers, a cloud server and a back-up storage “box”. Our blog is also back online, and super exciting, we are already testing the brandnew Forum & Gallery software… and it is beeeeeeeautiful!

Most of you know me, and my family, from my Personal Notes. You know that behind the Studio is a family, and believe me, every single one of us has worked hard into the wee hours of the night to get the site back up. Better. Stronger. Faster! Except maybe Dane.  Though even Dane has helped by making me cups of coffee, giving a rub to tired shoulders and making a delicious peanut butter & Nutella dip for my banana’s!

And standing right besides me, in the virtual sense of the word, are my Design & Admin teams.  They have been a rock for me to lean on.  They have been indefatigable test bunnies as we brought each piece back online, ensuring we are strong from the ground up.  They sent emails, love, phone calls, even treats! I cannot begin to tell you what an amazing woman stands behind every creation in the Studio.  I am bursting with pride at the fine human beings I am blessed to call my family.

Finally, without you there would be no Studio. To let you know just how much you matter to each & every one of us, we’ve created a special “Thank You” Kit: This Cup’s on Us!

It’s big. It’s gorgeous. It’s made with love. Please grab a cup of coffee, your favorite photo’s, and spend a little time scrapping with us.  This Cup is on Us!

This Cup's on Us Free Thank You Kit
As our site continues to come back online, we will release more pieces of this gorgeous Kit in our Newsletter, Facebook, Blog and Forum. We are so excited to get our beautiful site back, and we are so happy you’ve stuck with us this entire time, thank you.

This Cup's on Us Free Thank You Kit
Thank you for being a part of our site!


The Studio Owner