One of the biggest benefits of being military is that we are all family. That means when one of us needs help, the rest of us pitch in.  A couple of weeks a call for help went out. A call for help that fit perfectly in my wheelhouse… and my heart. A single mom needed help with her pony.

Emma & her daughter had been riding Chin Chin (said pony) weekly for three years.  Now it’s owner no longer wanted beautiful little Chin Chin.  Chin Chin had been outgrown.  Chin Chin is also 20 years old.  The choice was for Emma to take over Chin Chin’s care, or that-which-shall-not-be-named.  Emma said yes on the spot, then panicked a little.  Being a single mom is hard enough, add in a pony that needs daily care & love… help was needed.

In we come.  In exchange for cleaning his stall, refreshing his straw, brushing, grooming and loving Chin Chin we get a pony to ride!  Dane & I have Chin Chin two days a week, Emma three days, and a third mommy is pitching in with another two days.  We’ve got this!

My last month(s) has just been tough.  Long hours, emotional moments, there’s nothing more I need than a little animal therapy and bonding time with Dane.  Simply driving out to the stables I feel weight lifted off my shoulders.  Horse country in Germany is stunning.  Twenty minutes from my house and the rolling hills, white fences, horses!  My eyes seeing all that beauty already creates happiness in my soul.  And then we get to Chin Chin.

Chin Chin who is always so happy to see us.  Chin Chin who is funny, loving, adorable and a little bit naughty.  He loves me. He loves to hug me, he rests his big heavy head on my shoulder. He gives me kisses, little lip nips that slobber all over me.  Mostly, he loves to tug on my pony tail.  I need a better conditioner, I think.  It must look like straw to him.  Or, he’s just a prankster, because every time he sneaks up behind me and gives it a nibble or tug, and I whirl around to scold him, he grins at me.

Yesterday it rained. I put on my bright orange raincoat, and went to care for my beautiful little pony anyway.  He was very unhappy with my raincoat, or rather the hood I’d pulled over my fantabulous straw-like ponytail.  While I was kindly shoveling out his stall, he snuck up behind me, grabbed my hood firmly with his lips and pulled my hood down.  I whirled around to glare at him.  He grinned.

The second I turned around to finish my task, he yanked my ponytail.  That pony makes me so happy.


Meet Chin Chin!


He’s a very playful pony. He & Dane are very, very well-suited for one another.


Taking care of a pony is hard work. First, clean-up the old straw.


Then get the pony fresh, new, straw.


And finally, you can bridle, saddle and ride the pony. Pssst…. lookee the silly pony grin. He thinks he’s going to run me over (he’s not LOL!).


Me & Chin Chin. He’s a hugger. I love him!


Horse Country. Germany.