By now, I think most people have heard about the new trend of paint and drink nights. Where you go to a location or a studio to make a painting, enjoy a drink and laugh with friends. These nights are SO. MUCH. FUN.

I have been to 4 of them now, and I enjoy myself more and more each time. This last week, I arranged a Ladies Night. I invited several friends and family members to join me for a night of painting and fun! My grandmother has never done one of these, and has always wanted to. So, we decided to surprise her. I asked her to come up and babysit my kids so I could get some stuff done (she loves to come hang out with my boys) and I told her I needed her until late evenings so she should plan to spend the night.

On the day of the event, she arrived ready to play! Late in the afternoon my mom (her daughter) showed up at my house and asked if we were ready to go – Granny looked so surprised! We headed to dinner where my sister-in-law showed up (another surprise for Granny!). The last surprise of the night was arriving at the studio where the painting would happen. The pure excitement on Granny’s face when we arrived made all of the planning worth it! And, we all had a blast painting, drinking and being artistic!


All of the ladies and their finished paintings



Granny ready to get her artist on!


Finished Paintings (mine is in the lower right)


Have you attended a Paint/Drink Night? I’d love to hear about it and see your work! Leave me links in the comments!



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