By the end of June, when the sun is at it’s peak, sunset in Germany is close to 22:00.  Actual nightfall is closer to 23:00. Every year, every June, I lose track of time. I spend hours longer at my desk, in my car, at the pony, wandering fields & nearby towns.  It is only when I see Dane cracking open a bowl of cereal, and I check the clock, that I jump.  It’s after eight! It’s way past dinner time! I forgot. Again.

You would think after seven years of late sunsets, I’d have summer dinner time dialed in. Nope.  Even now, in August, with the sun setting closer to a normal time, I’m still lucky if I get dinner on the table before eight. Even last night, with a horde of hungry people staring at me, I forgot. It may have been the second glass of red wine, but I plead the fifth.

It was a pretty exciting evening, my dear friend, and stolid Admin Team member, Jeannette, drove up yesterday with her husband and youngest son.  Despite living fairly nearby, and in Holland (my birthland), it was the very first time we’d met in person.  I almost burst when they walked in the door and I heard a wonderful, music-t0-my-ears, Dutch “Hallo!” ringing through my house.

Jeannette & family are every bit as fabulous, kind & fun as I’d  hoped. We spent hours just sitting and “kletsing” (Dutch for talking, but with very happy connotations). Much to my surprise, the boys, despite their age difference, hit it off and were soon down in Cole’s dungeon playing on Cole’s computer (thank God Cole was not home to witness this, nor does Cole read this blog. I’m good). Even more surprising, when we came back from our walk through my black forest, we found both boys outside tossing a football. An American football, so not a soccer ball.  Neither was doing particularly well, but both seemed happy to be tossing the ol’ pigskin (a neon-colored nerf starter ball).

By the time we sat down, again, out in the winter garden, glasses of wine in our hands, a wonderful cold beer for Renee, my babbling took me well past dinnertime.  A fortuitous text from our friends, that they were running early, reminded me to start the BBQ.  By the time everyone was home, seated at the table, and enjoying a Mexican-inspired American BBQ, it was after eight.  By the time we finished eating, cleared the table and enjoyed Tess’ amazing homemade butterscotch & cinnamon pie, it was approaching 23:00

With full tummies, everyone started to glaze over. It had been a long drive for Jeannette & family, I’d spent the early morning working, late morning cleaning, and afternoon cooking before very happily entertaining my guests. I think all of us hit the pillows by midnight, softly snoring away.

Today is going to be filled with castles,Klettergarten and biergartens.  I’m ready! I can’t wait!


Dane & Rick… someone is ready to go climbing. Right. Now.