I just finished dropping Dave at the airport. He’s flying back to the states to pick up Cole, and he’ll get to see Soren, Christian, Nick and his parents. I’m trying very hard not to be jealous. I’m trying very hard not to cry. I’m trying very hard to pull up my big girl panties and do my job, at work, and for my family… but MAN! I’d so love to see my three big boys.

The only thing that’s keeping me from melting down & curling up in the corner are Tess & Dane.  Tess who is so happy at school this year, and Dane who is ecstatic to have me all to himself for a couple of weeks (except when Tess is home from school: “but that doesn’t really count.”).

Plus, added bonus, Tess desperately needed 3×5 note cards and our PX (Post Exchange) was all out. I ran into the Ramstein PX after dropping Dave off at the air terminal to pick some up for her, and what did I see?  THE BRANDNEW HARRY POTTER!!!


I swear it’s just coincidence that Dane is hiding behind the “Cursed Child”. Really.

I’d tried to pull Tess out of school these first two weeks, not even a whole two weeks, but she was determined to go to school, get a good start, and do well. Who am I to argue with a child finally happy at school? In fact, she is so happy at school these days that she happily posed for photo’s on the very first day. We stopped at the farmers field down the road, taking advantage of the big open skies, and she faced the sun, had her back to the sun, stood sideways in the sun, stood to the left, to the right, all so I could get the perfect picture. The perfect photo to capture Tess on her first day as a SOPHOMORE!

Where did the time go?


This is my favorite. I love the light, the space, the freedome


This one showcases her sass!


I dunno what happened. What setting I changed on the camera, but I love how faded & vintage this came out.


On this one you can read the piggy: 1st Day of School 2016


Tess’ favorite. She’s very proud of herself in this one 😀


I love the shades of blue <3