While we’ve had simply gorgeous weather in southern Germany this week, our luck has been terrible. Thankfully, I had my fantabulous weekend with Jeannette and family to buoy me through the bad days (Late Night Dinners; Mini Panzers). Last Saturday we spent a wonderful day strolling the grounds of Schloß Lichtenstein, while the kids zipped through the trees (and please indulge me while I again share Cole’s Senior Photo’s).

With no kids, no goal in mind, we wandered a little further down the mountain the castle is perched upon.  We found the old ruins of the previous castle, the outline barely visible, the old, crumbled walls covered with moss and lichen. I felt like I truly stepped into another time, all sounds from the outside world drowned out by the quiet of the trees, the rocks and the damp earth beneath my feet. I could’ve happily spent a day taking photo’s, letting my imagination run free and feeling the peace of such an old place.

We walked through slowly, Jeannette and I both pausing frequently to take photo’s of not just people and castles, but also the little things like rocks, leaves and textures. It is a true joy to walk with another photographer. Someone who doesn’t say “hurry up” or “stop stopping!”. It is a true joy to walk with a kindred spirit.

We explored the castle grounds as well, choosing not to tour the inside, I was anxious to see if my kids were still strapped securely to a tree. And of course they were, happily dangling high above the forest floor, struggling to reach each new platform as they hit the harder levels of the ropes course.  All three, Tess, Rick and Dane, were more than ready for a cool drink and a big snack. We watched them climb the last few challenges, Tess helping Dane out of a tricky net, and Rick helping Tess up a high platform at the end of a zipline.

Finally, with everyone on the ground, gear turned back in, we headed to the biergarden for some well deserved drinks, fries and wurst (sausage). A perfect end to a lovely afternoon.


First view of the guard tower.


The village of Honau down in the valley below the castle.


A view of the other side of the valley. I’m pretty sure I’d be a nervous wreck living on the edge of a cliff.


Schloß Lichtenstein


Just below the castle, are the old ruins of an even older castle.


Inside the grounds.


I adore this bench!


A guard tower at a different corner.


Even Joep (the dog) had to peek over the edge (not me!).


A gorgeous old beechnut tree dwarfs the walls.


Outside of the castle grounds, the kids are climbing the trees. Can you find Dane?


Tess is working hard to transverse the swinging steps.


The best part of a ropes course? Ziplining!


Klettering inspires cooperation & sibling bonding. Albeit loudly.


Time to come down & get some fries & a drink at the biergarden!