As long as there have been parents with cameras, there have been back to school pictures. They are there to help parents remember how cute and little the kids once were, they are there so kids can show off their attitude about taking pictures, and they are there to capture our fabulous fashion choices (those socks and sandals though? Wow Manda. Nice work.)

1994_FirstDaySchool_FirstDayStilson 1995_Backtoschool 1996 with daddy 002

These days, the big thing is a sign – or other object – posed into the photo with your kid. And this how I have taken pictures of my oldest through the years. A simple sign with his grade, teacher and first day date. We always take the pictures in front of our closed garage door. I did this because I knew that even if we moved, we’d likely still have a garage door to take pictures in front of! Sign or no sign – it sure is fun to watch them grow up!






I’m looking forward to getting our FIFTH GRADE one today, and my Kindergarten one for my middle son later this week – I love traditions!

I would love to see a favorite First Day photo from you! It can be this year, a past year, a scrapped one or one of you when you were little – I don’t care! But please, share! It’s so fun to see!