Last week the kids were off of school for Fall Break. I always try to incorporate a family activity into this week off – something out of the ordinary. And, because not everyone is off of school, places are usually not too busy which makes it more fun!


So, last Monday we went to the Apple Orchard! The kids loved going on a wagon ride out into the ‘forest’ and picking all the apples they could eat (and fit into our peck bag)! Honestly, there is nothing quite like biting into an apple freshly picked from a tree!

After picking apples, we sat on the side of the wagon trail waiting. Here’s where the downside of going when it’s not busy comes into play – we waited, and waited and waited – but no wagon came. After 30 minutes, everyone needed to use the bathroom and the kids were getting bored – so we decided to walk. It was about a mile back to the main building. We had a peck of apples, an exhausted toddler and a 5 year old with a less-than-24-hour-old broken arm who was due for his medicine. It was a very long mile walk!


But, back at the main building we enjoyed visiting the animals, going through the maze and shooting apples in the apple launcher! We wrapped up our day with some fresh apple baked goods and a bottle of apple wine before heading home. It was a wonderfully relaxing, much needed family day!


3 baby peacocks!


I feel like I’m being watched!

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