Long day. Emotional day. Hard day. Alex (my 5 year old) slipped on the monkey bars on Sunday and broke his arm. We knew the second he showed us where it hurt because his lower arm wasn’t the right shape (rather ’s’ shaped). After 7 hours, one surgery and two temporary casts (the first bone setting didn’t stick so they had to redo it) we were sent home.

He broke both of the bones in his lower left arm, making life difficult – since he’s a leftie! He’s quite the trooper and oh so brave!

As a parent, it was one of the hardest days for me. I could see how bad he was hurting – and there was nothing I could do for him. We sat and waited for hours and hours (part of the waiting was because he had eaten lunch, so they couldn’t give him the anesthesia right away). With nothing but some pain meds and some cartoons. I felt so helpless, there was nothing I could do to fix my baby. I just hate seeing them in pain.

The doctors surgically set his arm, put him in a plaster splint and sent us on our way. Yesterday we went to the Orthopedic Doctor and got our real color-cast put on! It was a very exciting day – we’ve been mulling over colors since the ER – trying to make a choice. We could see immediate relief from the new cast, his confidence levels boosted and he was trying to use his broken arm fingers to do things!

I wouldn’t wish a scary day like this on anyone! I’m glad my little man is doing better – I hate that he is broken, but we’re healing and learning together!

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Do you have a broken bone story to share? Tips for dealing with a 5 year old who has lost the use of his dominant arm? Share!


Manda (Nibbles Skribbles)