CYBER Monday Doorbusters
50% Off Personal & Commercial Use

Even before we moved to Germany, where Black Friday is not a thing and stores are rarely open late… let alone early; I stopped shopping on Black Friday & surfed my computer instead. At the beginning, there weren’t many great deals on Black Friday & many of those sold out before my refresh finger could grab one.

You can imagine my happiness when Cyber Monday became a thing & I had double the chance to score a great deal!  Plus, Mondays are just easier. With the kids in school, and the house to myself, it’s just a matter of juggling work/bills/deals.

I look forward to our Cyber Monday every year. Each year I’m excited to see what special $1.00 deals our Designers have, and each year it becomes easier & easier to get those deals in my cart, checkout and open my goodies! Technology has come a long way in the last decade. Cyber Monday is one of my favorite end results. Happy shopping!

Jen Maddocks Designs

Booland Designs

Valentina’s Creations

Vero – The French Touch


Lara’s Digi World

Aimee Harrison Designs

Heartstrings Scrap Art

Julie C Designs

ADB Designs

Butterfly Dsign

Manu Scraps

Jilbert’s Bits of Bytes

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Prairie Song Scraps

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