I have this gloom inside me every year, between Halloween and snow. If I’m lucky, and it’s a snowy year, it doesn’t have time to build, each day feeling heavier than the next. If I’m unlucky, the holidays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, all help to add bright sparks of cheer, but in between the gloom persists. The gloom is outside. It finds its way in. It’s leaveless trees. Rainy days. Grey skies. Monotone landscapes.

It’s boring out there right now. I can’t find ways to photography things so they interest me. I’m needing to find something in these gloomy days to add brightness, color, happiness into my days. It is a struggle. It’s a struggle I know I’m not alone in fighting. I would love some comments on how you fight the gloom.


Out the front door.


The view out my office window.


Towards Stuttgart, from the living room.


Out the kitchen window. I need to cut down the bamboo. Sigh.


Not enough light to grab a good photo of Dane, but he is a trooper!