snowball effect: a situation in which something increases in size or importance at a faster and faster rate.

Remember Manu’s Doily and Snowflake Generator Action that I told you about last Sunday. It went viral … one designer even forgot all about a deadline she had looming and spent the generating some of the most gorgeous doilies you ever saw. She then mentioned that all she really needed were some “doily” styles … and we immediately got hold of Karen (Snickerdoodle Designs). You know, the designer that does the blog’s tutorials every Friday? At one time, she had some Irish Lace styles, but had retired them. We asked if she would consider un-retiring them (is that a real word?). She did better than that, she made a whole new set of some amazingly realistic set of styles and called them Irish Lace Styles 02. They are nothing short of WOW!!! Check these out …

I just had to play with these, so I made myself a doily using Manu’s action and added one of Karen’s Styles. This is what I got (click on image to enlarge it) …


This was with NO adjustments to the style; however, you may want to make adjustments (scaling, etc.) depending on the elements you’re applying it to. I also want to mention that these look best on objects with thin lines. Not to say you couldn’t adjust it otherwise.

Manu has set up a thread in the forum under her designer name for folks to show off their beauties or just to ask questions —

Now, time for a cruise thru our recently released Commercial Use products.

That’s it for this Sunday … HUGS!!!