A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

Sorry … I’m feeling a bit giddy today. I’m not only back at theStudio, I’m back with a new Photoshop action that I call Photo Sketch. My introduction hints at the beginnings of this action which was a long, long time ago.

The story starts with a layout I did featuring a flower shop that I had visited in San Francisco. My image immediately caught the eye of several folks who bombarded me with questions of how I did it. Rather than try to explain, I wrote a VERY rough action. Little did I know that years later one of my creative team members (Kay) was still using it. She even liked it better than PSE’s new Sketch filter. Seems other CT members wanted to create the same effect and she had been getting questions about how she did it … but I had never released the action. So, naturally, when I came back, she asked me if I would consider releasing it.

Once I finally found the action, buried rather deep on my hard drive, and took a look at it, I knew I couldn’t release it the way it was. Knowing I was going to need to polish things up and, since Kay had made the request, I roped her into helping me. Long story short, well … not actually short, I released it today and it will be 30% off thru July 7th.

Naturally, Toiny was excited to see me back, in action, doing actions, and she wanted to feature it in Saturday’s  Newsletter. She then asked if I would write a tutorial. I’ve done her one better, I’ve created two YouTube videos: One showing the action being run in PSE and another in PS. I’ve linked the PS version below (hopefully, I’ve done it correctly). The PSE version is on my Product page. Both versions can also be found on my YouTube channel along with more videos of actions you’ll find in my store.

BUT WAIT, there’s more … in my videos I mention using brushes and knowing folks might want some brushes to use, I created a freebie brush sampler. It, too, can be found in my store. Even better, if you want to increase your brush stash for a very good price, I have some bundles made up of the brushes I had in my old store and I’ve priced the bundles at $9.99/each.

And now I leave you with a couple of layouts that Kay did using my action and one of the collections you’ll find in PU Bundle 11 called City by the Bay.