I know it was less than 24 hours, but Prague made such an impression on me. Gorgeous. Historic. Close-by. I cannot wait to go again, not in the snow, and see it all. Photography it all. Seven years I let the opportunity go by. It will not be another seven before I’m back. I’m thinking weekend away with Dave is perfect.

Traveling with 3 boys and a girl does come with it’s challenges. Though, they are all amazingly self-reliant & aware of the world around around them.  While they are very keen about the world around them, they are, after all, military brats, they are still fearless and will travel anywhere. Still, occasionally they’d shepherd Tess & I out of an area… just in case. I love the care, I love they keep an eye out while I look at almost everything through the lens of my camera.

On the other hand, they are boys. And a teenage girl that likes to emulate her big “brothers”. There were a lot of farts, and one disastrous throw-up incident on the autobahn. Mine.

I’d explained early on that I was not a morning person and since giving birth to number four, I’d had a constant case of morning sickness.  Not as bad as during pregnancy, but that my queasiness every morning is easily pushed over the edge to actual morning sickness. This fascinated the boys.  And so, on the way home, on the autobahn, in the snow, they decided to test my statement.

Sebastian started with disgusting noise (and farts). Daniel joined in, and while Cole did do it once, when he saw I seriously needed them to stop, he did try to stop the boys. But, by then, they were having too much fun, giggling and seeing who could make the most disgusting noise.  Tess wound up grabbing the wheel, while I rolled down the window and threw up on the autobahn, driving in the snow.

Luckily we were almost alone on the road. Luckily we were right by a rest area. Luckily we made it off the road and I kicked all the boys out of the car to freeze in the snow while I finished throwing up everything I’d eaten in the last 24 hours, and maybe in all of 2017, and then made them wait some more till Sebastian was hopping around like a leprechaun from the cold. I think they learned their lesson. The rest of the way home I had very contrite boys in the car.


Can you find the Starbucks? All Starbuckses should be so cool.


All Metro cars should be so pretty!


Boys. Sigh. Why they walk like this & embarrass me?


Even Tess must act like a doofus when with the boys.


Normal faces?


This is pretty pretty!


Usually, from the castle, you can see all of Prague. I’m still in love with only a teeny bit visible.


John Snow joined us on our trip.


And… it’s not Prague. It’s Praha. They like it when you say it correctly. Now I know.