“Winter” means different things to all of us. To those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it can mean cold temperatures, rain, and possibly snow. For those in the Southern Hemisphere, it can mean warm temperatures, perhaps sunny days at the beach, picnics and sun screen.

But at some point during the year, no matter where we live, we will all experience one season that is the coldest of our year.

Today let’s take a look at 3 fun ways to enhance our cold-weather photos or scrapbook pages!


Creating a rain or snow effect can be as simple as adding an overlay and changing its blend mode.  Here is a beautiful image provided by Norma.

horse original w o

Original photo by Norma

She added a Stormy Weather Overlay to the image, changed its Blend Mode to “Overlay,” and below you will see the beautiful result she achieved in just a few seconds.


After we added the Stormy Weather Overlay

Fun Fact: You can purchase the Stormy Weather Overlays pack for just $2, Jan 13-14-15.  There is also a Stormy Weather Freebie at this end of this post for you to experiment with.

Cold Weather Effect from Scratch:

For those who enjoy exploring Photoshop and creating effects “from scratch,”  creating a cold weather effect could be for you!

This “Before” layout was created by LouCee Creations.   I augmented her layout using my Cold Weather Effect tutorial.


Before and After using Stormy Weather Overlay

Using this tutorial you can create as much or as little of the effect as you like. It’s easy and fun!
Enhancing images with Winter Overlays or Edges
This is another great way to bring a little more “winter” into our pages when needed. Visit our Winter Paper Making Category to find various tools to help you with this. From background papers to edge overlays, you will find a lot of creative options to choose from.
Here’s a fun product,  Snow Borders by Carin Grobe Designs.  Place the overlay on top of your photo or scrapbook, and experiment with Blend Modes to get your favorite result.  If you need a brush-up on blend modes: Using Blend Modes in Photoshop.

CU Snow Grunge Borders

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Winter Wonderland Coordinated Collection

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