We had a gorgeous sunny day last week Tuesday, Boo (Booland Designs) & I grabbed our camera’s & practically ran out the door. I drove like a mad woman through half the Schwarzwald to hit as many castles as possible in one day. And I found a new one! 10 minutes from my house. Old. In Ruins. Gorgeous. I could’ve spent all day there. I have a new favorite spot, I can’t wait to go back.

Burgruine Zavelstein is stunning. Especially in the snow. Boo and I both stood open-mouthed and stared when we stepped out of the van and into a whole other world. Blanketed in snow, just at sunset, in freezing weather, we were the only ones there. It was easy to picture this as bustling castle back in the 1200’s. We took our camera’s and explored, each going our own way, deep in thought, lens before our eyes, marveling at this “find” so close to home.

Dane happily skipped around, exploring nooks & crannies, throwing snowballs when we weren’t looking (I hate, hate, hate snow down my neck!). At one point I found him down deep in the dungeon, so deep my flash couldn’t capture him through the barred window. No worries! He scaled the dungeon wall like a monkey. He may have a future in prison breaks.

The sun set as we were there, temperatures rapidly dropping so that photography was becoming difficult. Frozen fingers do not take good photo’s. Sadly we climbed back into the van, cheeks frozen stiff, hearts warm and happy. Today it’s been a week since I put Boo on a plane. I miss my playmate. I miss having someone to go out & about & who sees the world like I do. Slowly, and with a camera in hand.


More a mini castle: Altes Schloss (Bad Berneck)


Boo & Dane at Schloss Altensteig


The newest castle: Schloss Solitude.


Schloss Altensteig from the hill across the way, it’s the tallest building(s)


My new favorite: Burgruine Zavelstein.


Dane showing off how big Burgruine Zavelstein really is.


Burgruine Zavelstein at sunset. Breathtaking.


Burgruine Zavelstein. This tree. Love.


I walked around the outside of Burgruine Zavelstein, and found Dane hiding out in the dungeon. Sigh.


What Burgruine Zavelstein would’ve looked like around 1200.


Me. Boo. Burgruine Zavelstein. Photo by Dane!