I’m a dreamer. That’s who I am. Generally the month of January is always a “beginning” of something new for me. But it is also the perfect occasion to remember my goals and my needs. With this collection I want to focus on my inner needs, the ones which make me able to keep dreaming and feeling alive.
As result of this main idea, I came with a vision of tons of bright colors and a bunch of cute little drawings.

The Creative Team made some awesome layouts using The Dreamer by Valentina Creations, just take a look….

valentina-thedreamer-LO2_g7au-zv valentina-thedreamer-LO3_x6xl-zp valentina-thedreamer-LO11_9oww-s8 valentina-thedreamer-LO13_irgn-y7 valentina-thedreamer-LO17_2g8y-d1

I am so looking forward to playing with this kit!!!  I’m having some computer issues today so no freebie, sorry.  I downloaded the kit then went to unzip it and my computer said it didn’t have enough space to do that.  Opps, guess I haven’t cleaned kits off my computer lately.  So that’s what I’m going to be doing, moving kits to my external and cleaning off my main computer drive, so time consuming but has to be done or I can’t do anything.  So will be back with a freebie next week, have a great week and be sure to go to the store and take a look at this kit.