The snow has melted. The sky is grey. Dave is re-learning how to use his body. Cole had his first accident (a garbage can jumped in front of his car. The nerve!) and his car is in the shop. Retirement is looming. Paperwork is mile high. Mix it all together and I’m driving kids at six in the morning, and 11 at night. The fun has left the building.

And every time the fun leaves the building. And I sit at my desk with a sudden onset of bad posture and grouchy face. The sun finds it way back from an unexpected corner. Definitely not the sky. Still grey. But at my front door. A smiling neighbor, a smiling friend, and her beautiful newborn. My god-daughter.

Hailey was born two months early. She spent her first long weeks in an incubator. During that entire time I couldn’t go see her, all I could do was reach out & offer help & food & those wonderful preemie onsies from Carter. Those are much smaller than any German ones (I know this now), and a perfect fit for dolls (once Hailey outgrew them). Hailey finally came home just before Christmas, what an amazing Christmas present!

Sadly that was when one cold did the rounds in our house, one person at a time, and then, it did rounds at Hailey’s house (thankfully not Hailey). It’s a small town.  It’s to be expected. So now, +4 months after her birth, I finally got to hold my god-daughter! I cannot tell you  my happiness at holding her healthy, little body in my arms. The sun is definitely shining.

Me & Hailey

She was talking back to me & coo’ing. I need a video camera!

She is the calmest, sweetest baby ever!

Big sister wanted in on the action!