Ha! For the first time ever I was a faster walker than Dave. Wooooooohooooooo! Go me! He’s always complaining about how slow I am, or walking circles around me to prove it. Now, finally, I’m winning.

Of course, he’s only five days post-knee surgery. He’s still struggling with crutches, swelling, and a little pain. Knowing Dave, when he says a little pain, if it was me, I’d be rolling on the floor crying. I’m nowhere near as tough. He’s a trooper. I’ve barely heard him complain. Only when I ask will he admit to a little pain, the rest of the time he carries on like normal. The day after surgery I had to yell at him to get out of the kitchen. I’d found him at the sink, precariously balanced on his crutches, washing dishes. I appreciate the help, I love him to pieces, but dude! Sit. Rest.Heal.

Not that it’s easy being the only parent. My new schedule includes driving Miss Tess. We live far enough from post to be outside the school bus zone, that means I have to drive her to the bus every morning… and pick her up every afternoon. It’s not super far. It’s a beautiful drive, but it’s another hour out of my day. I miss having Dave drive Tess. I miss having Dave do the dishes. I love having Dave home 24/7. My morning coffees are much better shared with my husband.

Today he was finally ready to leave the house. I’ve been taking little strolls since Spring hit this weekend, but mostly in the evenings. This was my first morning walk so I grabbed my camera on the way out. All week I’ve been waxing poetic about Spring busting loose in my little village, I was anxious to get some picture proof. We only made it down the street, to the edge of town, by the orchards bordering the Black Forest. It was enough. Dave’s arms are sore and his leg is trembling.

I got some beautiful photo’s of our neighborhood in bloom. Sometimes I just have to pinch myself that I live here. In this hidden little gem, this tiny rural village, close to civilization but not in it. I am truly blessed.

I love the happy yellow of forsythia!

All the nubs & buds make me happy!

Purple and lavendar crocuses (crocusi?) are some of my very favorites.

I don’t know which blossom this is, but they smell wonderful!

Yes! Cherry blossoms are coming! My favorite tree in the neighborhood. It feeds us all.

Gorgeous stump and wildflowers in my neighbors yard.

And.. the edge of town. Apple orchards with the black forest in the background. #lucky

We didn’t go far, it was the first walk, but tractors parked in the front yard is a normal sight here.

Almost home! C’mon Dave! The orange house is our neighbors, that’s Cole little red car.

One last shot of the dead flowers in the front yard. I leave these there all winter because… I love them ❤