Saturday night was dance night at the high school. Where I would’ve spent a day getting ready, hair, nails, grooming, make-up, dressing; Tess spent an hour. She picked a dress she loved, a dress that’s all her, and borrowed my fancy shoes. She’d touched up the blue streak in her hair the night before, and painted her nails as it dried.  A couple quick touches of make-up and she was ready to go.

Sadly, we live far from base. I only have photo’s of her, not the whole gang. I always love taking pictures of them all together. They get a little less self-conscious when it’s a group and I love having the snapshots of the style, the outfits, on that date. Luckily Tess is pretty used to being in front of the camera, I’ve had one since before she was born, always pointing it at her sweet face. And she found a friend of her own at home, one of her rat babies “Savannah” to pose with her.  I just wish my full body shots had turned out a little brighter, a little less fuzzy, so I could show off her fun, bright dress and shoes!

Tess showing off her braces. Six months = a huge difference!

Prom photo’s are best take with your favorite rat ❤

My favorite. It shows her beautiful face and fun, quirky, happy personality.