Waiting on results, any results, takes foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever (If you have to have surgery…). Today is finally the day. But before today? I’ve been going stir-crazy waiting. Dave finally had pity on me and on Sunday we escaped the house, heck, we escaped the country! And had a fantabulous of animal therapy.

I’d been dying to go to the Zürich Zoo, they have Emperor Penguins. And they parade through the zoo.  We missed the parade, but we saw the penguins & so much more. It was a magical day. So magical I took 638 pictures. I took most of my evening & morning picking just a couple & I’m sure I have even better ones LOL.

All I know is, I loved every minute out of the house, surrounded by animals, even over-friendly camels.

Adding to my mug collection. Counting my blessings.

We found Dory!

The amazing feather fish (or something like that)!

He wanted to come home with me. He’s soooooooo pretty!

The fingers & toes melt me. I can’t believe I caught her sitting still!

That was his food. He was not sharing.

Yeah. Not with the zoom lens. I barely escaped a slobber! Close call.


Apparently, I bored Joy.

Otters will never, ever, not be cute.

On the opposite end of the zoo, across the valley, the snowy Alps ❤

Just born! This baby elephant is still unnamed – but it will be given a name beginning with the letter R – as any new births in the zoo will be this year.

We came for the penguins. They did not care.

Dave insists this is the baby. Um. It’s bigger?