Hello Friends! 

I hope that you all had a wonderful Easter! We did. In fact, we were having so much fun! 

For starters, the Easter Bunny stepped outside of her comfort zone and made the kids Playdoh Surprise Eggs. Did you know that the Easter Bunny HATES Playdoh (it smells bad, gets stuck in her fur and all around her home). But, the smiles and excitement the kids had when they saw their special eggs made it totally worth it! 

After breakfast, we hopped in the car and drove several hours to my Grandpa In Law’s farm. It’s not a farm-farm, but rather over 100 acres of wildlife and DNR preserved land. There are trees, ponds, fields – it’s truly stunning. We rode around on a little ATV exploring the land and taking in the beauty of this undisturbed area. The kids love bumping around in the back end! One of our favorite things was seeing all of the Muskrat mounds with geese sleeping on top. It is always so interesting to see animals doing their thing without interruption. 

Grandpa also raises chickens. The kids absolutely LOVE getting to gather the eggs. Grandpa always leaves them for them, and if there aren’t enough he puts some extras in for them to find. He has one chicken that adores him, so the kids can play with her and pet her. And of course, they get to feed them bread, which is always a fun game! 

A truly wonderful afternoon spent with family, doing things out of the norm for us.

Hope you have a wonderful day, 

Nibbles Skribbles