I’ve shared a few tales of our moving adventures, and the things we’ve been working on around our new house (how long are you allowed to call it a new house? We’ve been here almost a year now!)! But, one of the things that I was most excited about having when we bought our house was a yard.

Last summer and fall we got to do a little work outside. We pruned the plants that the previous owner had put in, dealt with the horrible construction mess along the back of our property and talked about some plans. But this spring? We get to make some of it a reality!

I’ve been enjoying watching the plants come up for the year. Learning a bit about what I did right (and wrong) in prepping everything for the winter and seeing everything grow for the first time! We’ve also been working on some fun additions of our own! We knew we wanted to plant a tree or a bush in our first year so we could watch it grow with us. A couple of weekends ago we put in a burning bush in our front yard. It’s a baby, but it will be fun to see him grow up!

We also put in some perennials – a Columbine and some new day lilies –

And we have an apple tree in our yard. The late frosts last year caused it to not blossom – but it’s on the verge this year!

And, for the first time ever I am going to start a vegetable garden!

Spring is here! What’s your favorite part of spring?