We arrived in Venice just after sunset, in the midst of a thunderous rainstorm. The garages on the mainland were eerily forsaken. Every noise we made unloading the van echoed ominously throughout the giant structures. Cars don’t belong on Venice. There are streets, there are paths, but transportation is primarily by boat and cars are stored in big warehouses parking garages outside the city.

We made our way to our first boat, according to our Airbnb host, Paolo, our best bet was the ACTV Orario Linea Diretto Murano. I had chosen a house slightly off the beaten path for cost, quiet and because it had a tortoise. Christian has a love affair with all things turtle, and there’s nothing I want more than to bring a little light & happiness in his days.

We got there too late at night to take the Diretto, so we found our way to the Vaporetto. The water bus. In the dark. In the rain. In Italian. It was a little confusing to find and understand but we combined our super powers, found the right bus, bought a ticket and waited patiently on the floating docks. All the bus stops, being water buses, were on floating docks. Lindsay & Christian were not thrilled, being non-boat lovers, but it was all so exciting & new, and so gorgeous despite the storm, that unease faded away and enjoyment set in almost immediately.

While it rained & thundered & lighting-ed on our arrival, our first full day of Venice was filled with bright, warm, beautiful sunshine. We could not have picked a better day if we’d tried! Both Murano and Venice are breath-taking. How I’ve lived a half-a-day’s drive from here for almost 8 years, and never visited is beyond me. It may be touristy, but there’s a reason for that. Venice is the most unique, stunning, awe-inspiring city I’ve ever visited. It has been crossed off my bucketlist… and put right back on it.

I cannot wait to go back.

Murano by day.

Santa Maria e San Donato church in Murano and a cafe.

Murano: the glass island.

Mail boat!

The yellow stripes denote the water bus stops.



We’re getting closer to Piazza San Marco, and the bridges & houses are getting fancier.

Gondola stau! No idea what a stau/congestion is in Italian.

Soren took a photo of me.

Soren, hater of being in photo’s, begged to be in one with the pigeons. I took 500.

Playing with pigeons = lost our travel buddies. However. They did not lose us. They snuck up behind us LOL!

The Venetian masks are stunning!

So many adorable restaurants to choose from!

Basilica of San Giorgio Maggiore

Street vendors on the waters edge.

Looking back along the waterfront.

The cruise ship Arcadia being towed out to sea. It towers above the buildings!

A lone gondola.

Blue glass sculpture in Murano

Goodbye Murano & Venice

Christian loved it. Also, go Raiders!

Santa Maria del Rosario