So, I told you about my Terrible Weeks and how Baseball consumes our time – but today, I’m going to tell you about how we counter all of that! Family Time is the answer! After some very long, very hard weeks and a schedule with no room to breathe, muchless spend anytime together – we needed a family day. Bad.

Sunday became that day! We had a lot of catching up to do around the house and yard after baseball tournament weekend, being gone over half of every day driving kids to and from camp and exhaustion taking priority over chores – but this weekend, we let it all slide for a family day!

The kids have been BEGGING us to take them to the beach. We woke up Sunday morning to a bright, beautiful sunny day and nothing other than chores on the calendar. So, we packed our bags, packed a lunch, grabbed the towels and the sunscreen and headed out! It was totally stress free being that it was spontaneous. Nothing to worry about or spend days getting ready for the perfect day – just grab, go and play!

The water was wonderful, shallow enough we didn’t really have to worry too much about the kids (but, were still within arms reach at all times), warm enough it was enjoyable and the sand was great for playing and building! I grabbed my phone, snapped a few pictures – and then jumped into the experience. We splashed, we swam, we played in the dirt, we ate lunch, we rested in the sun, and we ended the whole thing with a 30 minute drive to our favorite ice cream shop.

The kids were all smiles all day, I was feeling relaxed and had no worries about anything else that needed to be done. There were no computers, no phones out, no TV on in the background – just good, old-fashioned family fun! And let me tell you – it was amazing!

It’s so easy to get caught up in life and the everyday tasks that need to be completed. It’s easy to forget that a simple day to reset and enjoy can make a HUGE difference. So, let me tell you, as someone who is always go-go-going – DO IT! Take a day. Make a day. Just put everything else aside and take a break! Find something to do that is outside your norm – and just be there, in the moment, worry free. It’s so worth it. I promise!