Soren spoiled me for my birthday. Beyond anything I could’ve wished for, or even thought of. From the surprise on the plane (Flying to Columbus), a steak dinner and goat cheese ice cream, to feeding giraffe’s at the Columbus Zoo and more. He bowled me over with surprise after surprise. I was still in shock & awe on my travels home. I finally sent a little text his way letting him know how incredibly amazing my birthday had been. How thankful I was. And he texted back:

Read in Hagrids voice “it’s not every day your mum turns 50 no issit”

I burst into laughter, and tears, all at once. I saw more than one fellow traveler look up in amusement, but sometimes you just can’t help yourself. It was so Soren. So our family (we are Harry Potter fanatics). So sweet and funny all at once. I momentarily felt him sitting next to me, as if he were really there and not a million miles away. A warm wave of happiness washing all over me, followed by a splash of sadness that I couldn’t just lean over and hug him one more time.

I miss my boys. Most days I am beyond happy to be here in Germany, I know how blessed I am for this opportunity. I have affordable travel, all over Europe, at my fingertips. France is not even an hour away. Switzerland, Holland, Austria, even Italy are within a 3 hour drive. I love to travel. Living here makes it possible. I can indulge my dreams. My travel bug. But I miss my boys.

I am so grateful for the short week I got to spend with them. That Soren was able to take a couple of days off work, in the middle of his move, that Christian wasn’t yet in school. I treasured every second. I now treasure all my memories. I know, I know, I am waxing nostalgic. Pictures will do that to me. I think today I will work on my photobooks. Now more than ever I want to write down every moment, every happy second, and keep it forever.

Columbus Zoo

Lindsay & Soren

I wish I could’ve taken one home!

The whole reason for going to the zoo ❤ ❥ ♡ ♥ ღ

Me & Nitro

Those long black tongues amaze me!

I’d say “Guess who I am?” but the next picture gives it away…

This is a brown bear. It is MUCH bigger than I thought brown bears are.


Isn’t he cute? I love him!

I am fairly certain this is Nuniq

We had to stop at the petting zoo… she is saying “Hello!”

Only I could get side-eyed by a donkey

Piggedy pigs!