It’s been a Westberry family tradition since 1994. We’ve been through 6 kids. You’d think I’d experienced it all. But nope. Kids will surprise you. This week was a particularly sleepless week because it was Thanksgiving, exciting not just for turkey & pie, but exciting for the annual arrival of John the Elf and the Advents Calendars (the full story of John the Elf & previous Advent Calendars).

Dane resisted sleep every night, starting way back on last Saturday (November 18). Each night bed got a little later. Each night his voice got a little higher pitched:

“How many more sleeps?”
“Do you think John the Elf knows I want a Magic Advents Calendar this year?”

The last night, Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, Dane finally fell asleep close to midnight, still mumbling about Elfs, magic and calendars in his sleep. I know you don’t believe me, and I so wish I had the presence of mind to whip out my phone at oh-dark-thirty and prove it to you!

Thankfully John the Elf brought the right calendar.  Not so thankfully… December first is a full week away. There is no opening of any magic doors. No new magic tricks to be performed. Just staring endlessly at the neatly wrapped box and:

“Can I take off the plastic wrap?”
“Can I do just one?”

December 1st can’t get here fast enough. This kid has brought a whole new level to the I-can’t-wait game!

All three Advents Calendar’s – photo by Dane

Close-up of the Beer Calendar for Cole

Close-up of the much-desired Magic Advents Calendar for Dane

Close up of the Music Advents Calendar for Tess

Family selfie by Cole, me, Tess & Dane on Thanksgiving

Coach’s Mo’s deep fried bird… amazingly delicious & juicy!

Tess & Carin… being their goofy selves

Dane found the pool in the basement… after 3 hours of swimming he slept. Hard.

Cole & his new best friend Andy in the poker/darts room