When we first moved to Germany, Soren was just starting as a sophmore in college. In California. Almost half a planet away. Not literally half a planet, I checked. I’d have to live in (0n?) the Indian Ocean to be a literal half a planet away. Guess who just found a cool new site? Me! Check out: http://www.antipodr.com/

That Christmas we flew him out for his first visit to Germany. Technically, the Army flew him out. Part of being stationed overseas means one flight per year for college age kids. Thank God. Without that I might have fallen apart being separated from my boys that long. We flew him out and took him to a Christmas Market. These are insanely fantastic over here. They are like fairytale magic. Especially in the snow. That year we had snow. And cold. Maybe a little too cold.

Still, we wore warm clothes, drank hot glühwein (mulled wine) and introduced Soren to maultaschen (Swabian ravioli’s) and schweinesteak brötchen (pork steak sandwich). He loved the sandwich! So you’d think, after all that, he’d happily pose for one (1!) picture. Nope.

And while a lot has changed between then and now (he has a beard!), he still eats like he’s starving and he still hates me taking his picture.

I thought I couldn’t be happier when he proposed to Lindsay and she said YES (Midnight is Magic)! Our house is sorely lacking in girls, poor Tess & I have been fighting the sea of blue to long on our own. Lindsay is a very welcomed, girly but tough, addition. I didn’t realize how tough till the engagement pictures came in.

Lindsay got Soren to pose for the camera. Even smile for the camera! These pictures are out-of-this-world spectacular. I am in awe of the beautiful moments April Moening Photography was able to capture. I am in love with my son, my daughter, and my grandpuppies