Last week Steve came to visit! Dave’s best childhood friends. They grew up next door to each other (technically Steve grew up next to Nanny, Dave’s grandmother). Steve is traveling Europe, the world really, after retiring at age 50. Man does retirement look good on him! Dave is working a new job after retirement, and has no days off. Poor me had to sight-see with Steve.

We live just 30 minutes from the Porsche Museum. Steve, being a car guy, had to see the Porsche Museum. I’d never been. Wednesday, after I finished work, we packed up and headed out. Turns out, I love the Porsche Museum!

The Porsche Museum is gorgeous, modern, light, airy. Very asthetically pleasing. And we went during almost-no-tourist season and had the place, not to ourselves, but almost. We even got to drive Porsche’s… well… simulators. I’m not sure who was more excited, Steve the car guy or me!

After, to complete an already awesome day, Dave met us for beers at our favorite brauhaus: Mönchwasen. Every day in summer should be this.

Must be nice to have extra Porsche’s to fling to the skies!

This is the car I drive behind when picking Tess up from school. Why isn’t it mine!?!?!

Why isn’t this mine!??!!?

The first electric porsche ❤

I’d drive this.

I look good! I need one.

Trophy much?

Though, honestly, my Porsche would look like this. Dirty & beat-up ?

Or… I could just join the German Police Academy?

Porsche. Made by Stark.

But I don’t want to race Porsches, that looks not comfy!

Porsche by Karmann Ghia

This. This is my Porsche.

Not sure Martini & Porsche really go together.

Hahahaha! THIS IS MY PORSCHE! It’s how a pig is butchered in Germany.

Dave, me & Steve (he had trouble finishing his maß of bier LOL)