Tess is home from her incredible adventure to Seoul, South Korea. On Sunday we drove to München (Munich) to pick her up. Amazingly enough, just outside of arrivals, there was a traditional German Christmas market. Not a huge one, but big enough that it had an ice skating rink. We grabbed some Glühwein, Dane grabbed some skates, and I watched him skate while Dave met Tess at the gate. Tess got off the plane & her first words were:

“Do I smell Glühwein?”

Five minutes later she was in my arms, a hot cup of Glühwein in her hands, and talking a thousand words a minute about her travels. In Seoul the air smells like chlorine. The polution was bad enough on most days that she wore a mask, complete with a little filter. In the mornings, on the radio, they would get the air polution levels on the day. More important than the weather of the day. She had really missed the smell of Germany. Especially the smell of Glühwein.

Still, she would trade Korea for Germany in a heartbeat. She barely touched the surface of Seoul, and there’s a whole country outside of Seoul she’s dying to explore. My daughter has inherited my wanderlust. I couldn’t be happier, or more proud. Wait. Yes I could!

I’d given her my old Canon 60D and she filled the 64 GB memory card with amazing photo’s. Truly wonderful, amazing, tell-a-story photo’s. She got signs & flags. She got wide shots, close-ups, people shots. She got all the shots in perfect focus. I’ve been sitting here going through her day 3 photo’s. Trying to pick just a few & failing miserably. I almost feel like I was right there with her. Her pictures tell a story and I am so impressed with her photography skills.

On day 3 they took public transportation to Gyeongbokgung Palace. On the sign (below) it says it was finished in 1395. I absolutely love the juxtaposition of the old temple with the skyscrapers in the back. What an amazing culture. What an amazing adventure.