My post tags are rapidly filling up. I wonder if there is a limit to how many post tags one post can have? I really should google WordPress limits. Because. I have another tag to add to the bunch. Well, not yet, but soon. This year soon. Soren & Lindsay are having a baby!

Last year we got the amazing call on New Years Day…. Soren finally proposed to Lindsay. And after lots of squealing she said YES (Midnight is Magic)! This year we got the call the day the test turned pink (stripey? positive?). I’m not sure who was more excited, me or Lindsay. I’m thinking it was probably Lindsay, but there are moments when I’m not sure. It could’ve been me.

Kids have always been in the cards for Soren & Lindsay. They are just kid people. Still, it’s very rare for pregnancy to happen on the first day that you decide you are ready. Sometimes I think it’s easier to happen when you are still sure you are not ready (meet 4 out of our 6 LOL). After The Wedding, they were ready.  By November Lindsay was really, really ready but the stick refused to turn pink (stripey? positive?).

She took a test on Saturday, flew to Dallas for a business trip on Monday and right back home on Wednesday. The best part about business trips to Dallas is her favorite restaurant. I forgot the name because that is so not the important part of this story. She stopped by after work, before her flight, and ordered her favorite steak with chimichurri sauce (a fresh herb & garlic oil). She took one bite and hated it. She hated her favorite meal!

The whole flight home her brain twisted & turned. Why did she hate her favorite steak? Why? Was she sick? Was she, could she be, pregnant?

She ran in the door, ignoring huskies & Christian, Soren was on his own business trip for one more day, and grabbed her 2nd test. The next minutes were agony… and then… the test turned pink! Stripey! Positive! She ran out of the bedroom, grabbed Christian (in shorts & a t-shirt), raced out through the snow (with Christian in shorts & a tshirt) to buy up Walgreen’s entire supply of pregnancy tests. They were all positive.

Lindsay & Soren are having a baby! They are due sometime in July and July cannot get here fast enough.

Yesterdays Facebook official announcement.

And while I can’t be there for every step of the pregnancy, delivery or day of her (his?) life… Soren & Lindsay are fabulous about keeping me in the loop. So, without further ado, drumroll please, my first glimpse of grandchild-to-be: