Here in Germany the “fifth season” (carnival season) is declared open at 11 minutes past 11 on the 11th of the 11th month November and finishes on Ash Wednesday of the following year. Carnival, esp in the Rhineland, was not only a last “hurrah” before lent, combined with the heathen driving out the Winter festivities, but became also a (not so) subtle way to protest against the ruling powers, esp in the Rhineland. The parades and marching “troops” were a mockery of the Prussian and French militarism (both nations did occupy the Rhineland during different time periods and wars). 11 (German ELF) is standing for the “Egalité, Liberté, Fraternité” from the French Revolution. You can read more on the German Carnival traditions on Wikipedia

At the Studio we’re always up for having a fun time – so come and join us in celebrating The Fifth Season with this collection. It’s full of fun and colors and will help you scrap all kinds of happy events!





The Fifth Season Bundle includes Megakit (188 elements, and 73 papers), Cardstock (16 papers), Alphas (3 alphas) and Scatters (8 scatters).

And here’s a little freebie for you today, Enjoy!!!