Welcome to the Studio Rainbow of Greys Designs, aka Lisa Frisch!

Join us  and get to know her a bit better in her own words and photos:

Tell us a little bit about yourself? (where you were born, where you grew up, your family, kids, pets)

Hi all!  I’m Lisa from Rainbow of Greys Designs.  I was born in Washington, D.C. and grew up in Maryland, USA.  I entered the US Army way back in 1997 and retired in 2022.  I have a love of science and spent my time as a Medical Laboratory Technician, Cytotechnologist, and Clinical Laboratory Officer. If you were to go back five years ago and ask me if I were going to become a digital scrapbook designer – I would have said “no.”  In fact, two years before retiring I obtained a master’s in molecular diagnostics.  I thought for sure I would stay in the clinical lab.

How did you find designing, or how did you become a digital designer?

The year after retiring, I hibernated.  I barely left the house.  It’s like 24 years of running off of caffeine, adrenaline, and cortisol wore off.  And I crashed!  Although I still run off of caffeine, the stress levels are greatly reduced.  As I contemplated “how do I want to live the last half of my life?” I realized I did not have to go back to a stress filled life.  I could at least attempt to live differently and pursue my love of art, mixed media, and digital scrapbooking as the “what’s next?”

Last December, while visiting my parents in Ohio, I looked through a Somerset Studio magazine.  I was blown away by the use of color in mixed media projects.  I’m a list maker and planner.  So, I sat down and made a list of colors inspired by the junk journals and mixed media in the magazine. I placed the colors into the month I most associate the color with.  From January onward, I began designing digital kits, using the list as a guide and the months, seasons, and colors for inspiration.  I reached to out to a few designers for advice as I had very little idea in how to get started with the business side of being a designer.  By September I felt ready to launch Rainbow of Greys Designs.  Now, here I am!

What do you like to do, besides designing (hobbies, activities, other work)?

I have been a part of the digital scrapbooking community for over 10 years.  Although I am establishing myself as LisaF, as a guest designer here at the Studio, some may know me as Armygrl.  Digital scrapbooking and digital art journaling have been a significant part of my life.  They were the chosen art form that helped me relax and deal with stress.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved being outdoors.  Hiking, especially, helps me “ground myself.”  Hiking helps me get back to my center.  It is so fantastic that in retirement I can go hiking almost whenever I want.  Woo-hoo!  Seriously though – my dog Obi-Wan and I typically hike at least 4 out of 7 days.  Obi and I just did 3.5 miles before I typed this up. 😊

In retirement, I make organic/analog art journal pages and mixed media art.  I wanted to do this for a long, long time.  But it was difficult carving out the time and space being focused on a career in the Army.  Digital art creates much less mess, and I can carry around a laptop almost anywhere.   Now I have the time to create organically.  Some papers in my kits began as a collage or abstract acrylic mixed with AI and creative use resources.  It is a lot of fun to create and merge organic art with pixels.

And last, but not least – photography.  I used to lug around a Nikon D90 and lens bag.  I migrated to shooting with the iPhone + add on lenses some time ago.  Perhaps from years looking through a microscope at cells, I love macro-photography.  My latest obsession is hunting for and shooting slime molds.  I still need lots of practice finding them and taking their photos.

What is your favorite thing to design? Or your favorite part of designing? (subject, color palette, papers, elements, other things?)

So far, I love the entire process.  There is great pleasure in the beginning phases, gathering ideas, exploring colors, looking through Instagram and Pinterest for art ideas before anything is made.  Next, I develop the color palette and mood board and move into making papers.  I could make papers all day!  I supposed if I had to pick just one thing – it’s paper making!  But at the end of it all, it is nice to see a complete kit come together.  There is a sense of pride in thinking “I made that.”

Is there any place on earth that is at the top of your wish list to see?

I would love to go to New Zealand with my husband, Donald.  Although there was a lot of CGI in Lord of the Rings, I would love to trace the steps of Frodo and the other 8 companions.  I would love to travel south of the equator – and New Zealand qualifies!!!

Why did you choose to be a part of the Studio family? What do you love about the Studio?

A couple of years ago I followed along with the Next Designer Challenge.  When I decided to give designing a go, I wanted to be in a place that would provide mentorship to a newbie like me.  It is a lot to learn and think about – from concept, to packaging, to uploading into the store.  I thought the Studio would be an awesome place to both set down roots and grow my wings.  And I am right!!!  The Admin Team have been phenomenal!  They are professional in their responses and timely with answering questions.  They are kind and definitely patient with me!

Hopes, dreams for the future?

I hope I am successful as a designer.  I hope I am able to make “art” a new career and augment my retirement annuity doing something I enjoy so much.  But even if I don’t make a single dollar, I hope I can give back to a community that has been such an important part of my life for years.  I have much to learn as a digital designer.  But once I get my battle rhythm flowing, I want to host art journaling and mixed media challenges and tutorials.  Digital art using scrapbooking products helped my mental health.  Aside from being a creative outlet, I journaled my way through stressful situations.  I hope to become a mentor and leader within this community – and hopefully others will find this art form as fun and as helpful as I have.  Of course, many of you already do!

Check out Lisa’s store here  !! She’s got a 50% opening sale through October 25th!