I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the little things and what a big impact they can have on our well-being.
Last spring I took 2 stray kittens that were less than 6 weeks old into my family and nursed them to health. I named them Bowie and Ziggy. They were very small with various illnesses and issues and required a lot of care. It was worth every minute! Having them in my life did wonders for my soul. I have laughed and smiled more since I got them than I had in a long time. I was content, my family felt complete. At least I thought so!
 Two months ago my neighbor brought a tiny, injured kitten to my door that she found in our shared parking area. He was bleeding from wounds on his head and face, was obviously very sick and so tiny it broke my heart. The minute I held him he purred so loud his body vibrated! Who could resist? Definitely not me!
 The next morning we took him to my vet and were told that he was about 4 weeks old and weighed only 15.4 ounces. He was malnourished, had flea anemia, tummy issues and a bad infection.
 The middle of the night feedings, medicine regimen, 4-6x a day baths and combing (because you can’t put flea medicine on a kitten that small) were exhausting, but my boys really stepped up and helped a lot! Poor kitty was so weak he didn’t even protest about the baths.
Shortly after he came to live with us he broke his tail. We don’t know how it happened but he had to have about 2 inches of his tail amputated. He spent more than 3 weeks in a cone and had to be kept in a large dog crate to protect him from the loving affections of Bowie and Ziggy.
Today he has been with us for 2 months and the change in him is nothing short of miraculous. What’s left of his tail is fully healed, he is healthy, playful, growing well (almost 3 pounds!) gets along well with the other cats and still purrs loudly every time I hold him. We call him Phoenix and I think it suits him perfectly.

I hope your day is full of little moments that bring you joy. Please feel free to stop by my Real Moments Challenge and share them, they fit right in with this months challenge.
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