Before we left for our trip, we had asked people what we had to see in Paris. Other than the usual stuff, the climb to the top of the Sacre Cour and seeing the monuments at night, including the tower sparkling, were the suggestions that stuck with us. So, we booked an evening champagne cruise down (up?) the Seine River. This boat ride in the dark was probably my favorite part of the day.

I apologize, because my nighttime photography skills are lacking, but let me tell you, floating down the river and seeing these gorgeous places pop up, all lit up, was incredible. And, I think sitting on the water like that was quite possibly the best view we could have had of the Eiffel towel sparkling.  There was no way, with only one day in Paris, that we could have taken a bus or the metro around the city a second time to see everything lit up at night, although, I am regretting not actually going to Notre Dam to see it considering what has happened since our trip.

We also met another couple on the boat, I don’t remember their names, but they were from England and were on a long weekend together. They were celebrating their first anniversary dating, while were were celebrating 10 years married. They said that they hoped they were still as happy and in love  as we were when they were 10 years married, and it totally melted my heart!

View from the dock before we got on the boat, with the Bastille Tower in the background

Lit Eiffel Tower as seen from the river at night

French Statue of Liberty (I have never been to New York, so I’ve never seen the American one, so this was really fun for me)

Notre Dam – just stunning, day or night

There we are! Photo compliments of our new friends from England!

And there you have it, the only thing left to share is our journey home, which wasn’t that exciting. An early morning trip to the airport, and a long nap on the plane! Although, my husband woke me up in the middle of the flight to show me the view – we saw Greenland, and oh! Was it beautiful!