Instead of sixth grade camp, in Germany there’s fifth grade camp. Dane had his week away last week. Unlike his brother & sister (Cole & Tess), he went to circus camp. I know! Circus camp. I cracked up when the papers came home. I cracked up when I dropped him off. I cracked up when I picked him up. But. When I saw him perform? My heart was in my throat and I beamed with pride. That boy is born to be a trapeze artist!

I dropped him off on a beautiful sunny day, and watched him get settled in a big tent on the grass. The camp provided cots & mattresses. Dane provided the sheet & bed making. After we wandered around a bit, getting to know where things were and enjoying the opening band:

And with that, I left him. Not that he noticed. He was already running around, finding his friends, making new ones and loving the camp life. Over the next few days I wondered (an awful lot!) how he was doing. I worried. I wondered. I worried. Repeat. I needn’t have. He had a blast!

I finally picked him up, five days later, the day after Tess’ graduation, already an emotional wreck. The happiness, the relief, I felt just holding his little body in my arms again was really all I needed. But he was mysterious. Jumpy. He couldn’t sit still. He kept running off, coming back, giggling, checking in, checking out. I just knew there was a surprise, but try as I might I couldn’t pry it out of him.

Finally it was time to go to the big circus tent. We made our way over, Dane popped in to see exactly where we sitting, and we waited for the show to start. We had few expectations, really we had low expectations, after all… it had been only five days. They were all kids. How spectacular could it be?

Spectacular. Absolutely, spectacular. From the opening rope act, to the amazing loveable clowns, I loved every moment. Some acts had me sitting on the edge of my seat (Juggling with fire!They’re kids!), others had me giggling with delight (pigs, dogs, goats & ponies!), but the best, the very best? Was my trapeze artist. My Dane.

That I got her in focus is crazy. She spun so fast, I was ready to catch her when (not if) she flew off her rope.

I briefly planned how to smuggle her out of the circus life and into mine. I love her!

Dane hopping on the trapeze ring.

And hopping up to the 2nd level.

Awesome. Just hang upside down 500 ft in the air. No big deal.

He is a natural!

Tess captured his whole act on video:

And. Because. He can spit a fireball. Circus camp is not for the faint of heart!