Sometimes you need a very fast layout. Time is at a premium, but there’s a memory you just don’t want to forget. There’s a picture so perfect it belongs in a book. You know if you don’t do it now, it will be forgotten. Lost. An opportunity wasted.

For those moments, there is the one-minute layout. Play along with me, time yourself. Let’s see if we can all do one layout in one minute!

For this speed scrap  I’m using Xuxper Designs latest: The Shoreline of an Island. I also cheated and grabbed an adorable photo off the internet. What can I say? Time is really at a premium in my house this week!

I started with a stacked paper for my background:

I drop in my borrowed photo off the internet:

The borrowed photo came from: Family Education

I set my photo to blend Soft Light in the layers palette & cleaned up the edges a little & quickly with the eraser.
Extra: See our Blending a Photo into a Background tutorial!

Next I dropped in one of the The Shoreline of an Island Clusters:
note: Don’t be afraid to overlap the cluster with the stacked paper!

I added in the photo a second time, this time in the cluster frame:

Finally, I took an extra 5 seconds to clean up the beach sign underneath my frame. I simply covered it with one of Xuxper’s adorable flowers. Done. My final layout took less than a minute & I adore it. Now to find an hour to find my perfect photo & redo the whole thing.

Final layout!

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