Last weekend our city had it’s annual celebration called Dan Patch Days. It’s a weekend long event with concerts, parades, running events, and a carnival. We do the carnival a little different in our town, we do an inflatables park (the big, giant blow up bouncy houses and slides). The kids love it, but the lines get long and you send most of your time waiting for your next turn – so this year, we decided that we would just go to play some Bingo!

We all love playing Bingo, we get treats, we play, we never win – so when the kids started begging to go play on the inflatables, I made a deal with them: “Sure guys, we can go on the inflatables as soon as you win BINGO!” Genius. There’s no way that we’ll ever win BINGO! We play BINGO fairly often and have never won….so why should today be any different. Round 1 begins, and Lucas’s card is filling up in a nice diagonal pattern….and all of a sudden…..BINGO! My jaw drops, my husband’s jaw drops and Lucas walked away with $70 cash! Now the kids are excited – let’s go play on the inflatables! We convinced them to stick it out for a few more rounds, and in round 4 guess what? BINGO! On my card! Unfortunately, there were 3 other winners that round, so my winnings had to be split.

The kids were crazy to get playing – so we headed over for some inflatable fun! The favorite of the day was a 3 story slide that went almost straight down. It was terrifying to watch, but they loved it. Fearless they are!

We ended the day with a stop into the petting zoo. They had your standard goats and alpaca, but this one was unique. My husband got the chance to pet a porcupine! We learned that you can pet them on the head, but don’t touch their backs because it stresses them out and they may attack. They are also a lot bigger in person than they seem in photos! I got to pet and feed a kangaroo! You guys, she was so soft! It was the highlight of my day, better than winning bingo! The kids favorite was the cow with the big tongue that licked their hands! It was a super fun, family filled, adventurous and surprise filled day! And if anyone is wondering where my big kid is, he is now too big to go to these things with his family, and attends with his friends!