Have you ever need a vacation from a vacation? I did. More than I knew until I actually went. I almost didn’t. I was tired. A little cranky, and I just wanted a day in bed with Netflix. Instead, I picked up my fantabulous friend and co-worker Manu, Manu Scraps, and blasted right into the next adventure.

In all fairness, I hadn’t truly had a vacation… barring my little trip to see my giraffes with Dane in early May. Everything after that was filled with family, big events, and balancing work while taking care of a houseful of people and celebrating Tess. In our house, this year, June is the month of Tess.

I am not complaining! I loved every minute of my sister, niece, nephew, parents, extra’s, graduations, birthdays, parties, goodbye’s (I lie! I do not love goodbye’s!), and side trips to see beautiful new places right next door. But. There is a but. It is exhausting.  It is a lot of extra to tossed into a few short weeks. I spent many days running around, having a great time, and nights straightening up the house, paying a quick bill and working feverishly.

When Lisa, from The Cherry on Top, messaged me in early Spring about getting together at her house on the Mosel it sounded wonderful! We’ve been internet friends for years, we live so close to each other. Even closer now that she is on the Mosel river (not even 3 hours!). I drive by her house so often on the way to see my family in Holland. It was time. Plus. Bonus! She had room for more. We reached out to other Designers nearby & next thing you know… we had a full house.

I arrived a little more broken than planned, my weeks of whirlwind activity, followed by a longer-than-expected drive up, had my ankle protesting. I could barely walk. So. Instead of hiking, wine tasting, and sight-seeing; we sat around, snacked, giggled, played games and really, truly relaxed.

I snapped a couple of photo’s on my phone (I cannot say enough about the amazing photos the new Google Pixel 3A takes!), but mostly? I enjoyed girl time. Giggle time. Babble time. I could tell you all the funny things said, give you an extra giggle or two too. I could. But. Really? It was simply a quiet, beautiful, perfect, lovely weekend with friends. Exactly what a girls weekend should be. I feel recharged, energized, happy.

Thank you Lisa for hosting us. Thank you Manu, Min, Berna, Lou & Marko for coming all the way to lend your hugs, ears and giggles. I needed that.

Taken from the backsteps of Lisa’s home. The grape vines of her neighbor next door. Simply stunning.

Taken from the walking path along the River Mosel, a tiny, ancient church.

A speedboat on the Mosel river. I need a speedboat. Need.

A working barge, church spire, and town… in front of a backdrop of grapes.

Toiny, Lou, Min, Manu, Berna and Lisa (from The Cherry on Top)